Sep 14,2014
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Anonymous said: For the Dynamic Chord vocal CDs, will the song just be of the vocalist of each band singing? Or is it a group song that the entire band sings together? Just want to confirm before I buy a copy.

The vocalists will be the only ones actually singing! ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ

I’m personally hoping for some harmonies from the other members but I really doubt that’s gonna happen hrpm

Sep 11,2014
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KYOHSO lyrics from the blog~  It’s mentioned that the song has been played in concert before, but is now getting a CD release.

Lyrics: YORITO

漂うcheap fragrance あの疼きを甦らせる
Tadayou cheap fragrance Ano uzuki wo yomigaeru
A cheap fragrance wafts by, bringing back that tingling sensation

このまま包んでいて 忘我にshakin’ いいとこ探していたい
Kono mama tsutsunde ite Bouga ni shakin’ ii toko sagashite itai
Stay wrapped up, just like this, I wanna look for your good places shakin’ in ecstasy

who cares? そんなこと気にすんな
who cares? Sonna koto kini sunna
Who cares?  Don’t worry about that stuff
今 俺としてんだろ こっちを向けよ
Ima ore to shitendaro Kocchi wo mukeyo
You’re with me right now, aren’t you?  Look over here

Ikareta REAL ni mayakashi wo abiseta ecstasy
The ecstasy that showers deception over a messed up reality
Mada tsuttetai
I wanna stay immersed in it
Hateyuku karada ni uruoi wo ataete ageyou
I’ll water your broken-down body
Saa aite
Come now, open up
x-maniac その瞳にある get lost in your eyes
x-maniac sono hitomi ni aru get lost in your eyes
x-maniac is in those eyes, get lost in your eyes

Sep 3,2014
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A bit of the lyrics from the Liar-S song was uploaded today!

Lyrics: Suzuno Chiya
Music: Suzuno Chiya

コンクリートに沁み入る空気 午前5時前
CONCRETE ni shimi’iru kuuki Gozen go-ji mae
The air soaks into the concrete, just before five in the morning
Tatoeba kimi no tame ni to nani ka dekita darouka?
If it was for you, would I have been able to do something?

Tada sekai wa mezameteyuku
It’s just that the world wakes up

視線上げるその先には グレイの空 熔ける 金色になる
Shisen ageru sono saki ni wa GRAY no sora Tokeru Kin’iro ni naru
What I see after I raise my view is a gray sky, it melts into gold
それだけでいいだろう 君の夢を映す空になる
Sore dake de ii darou Kimi no yume wo utsusu sora ni naru
That’s enough, isn’t it, I’ll become the sky that reflects your dream

Nothing else too big from this week’s update, a change in tokuten was made for the [rêve parfait] game preorder.

Sep 2,2014
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there’s a new dynamic chord twitter event going on!  if a certain tweet gets 500 retweets within the hour (21:00 - 22:00 JPT), they’ll upload a wallpaper onto the blog.

today was the dynamic chord group one that got 500 rts in like… two minutes harhar, so that’s up on the blog now!

they’ll be doing this every weekday for the next few weeks, first the bands, then the individual boys!  i have a feeling they’ll all get over 500 rts p quickly, so be sure to check the blog for those!

Aug 27,2014
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Aug 27,2014
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The site for the first game, DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [rêve parfait], is now up!  Nothing new as of yet, just profiles and a short intro movie.

They’ve started a Twitter campaign as well!  Each band member has an individual Twitter that’s up now, where they’ll be talking with each other, other bands, and looks like there might be a bot system up, too.  If you follow all of them and tweet with #ダイナー (“dyna”), you’ll be entered for a raffle for a special promotion poster, not for sale.

In anticipation for the vocal CDs to be released on Oct. 31, they uploaded a bit of the lyrics from [rêve parfait]’s song, “Christmas Carol”!

"Christmas Carol"
Lyrics: Knight
Music: King

Yuki no CHRISTMAS EVE nante iranai yo
I don’t need a snowy Christmas Eve
キミをがっかりさせて I’m not dreamin’ of a white christmas
Kimi wo gakkari sasete I’m not dreamin’ of a white christmas
Disappoint you, I’m not dreamin’ of a white Christmas

白い胸に透けてる 紫の血潮
Shiroi mune ni sukeru Murasaki no chishio
Purple hot blood showing through a white chest
Boku no mono janai kara fukidase no wo yume miteru
You’re not mine, so I dream of it spurting out

キミの裏切りにはね 贖罪なんてない
Kimi no uragiri ni wa ne Shokuzai nante iranai
Y’know, there’s no such thing as atonement for your betrayal

ああ キミの心臓が止まる日まで 僕はキミを許さないよ
Ahh Kimi no shinzou ga tomaru hi made Boku wa kimi wo yurusanai yo
Ahh, I won’t forgive you, not until the day your heart stops
ああ 叶うならばこのナイフで 僕の愛を伝えたいの
Ahh Kanau naraba kono KNIFE de Boku no yume wo tsutaietai no
Ahh, if only this knife could convey my dream to you

Kikoeru akuma no CHRISTMAS CAROL
I can hear the demon’s Christmas carol

Kyou kara ne boku wa LUCIFER tte koto de
Starting today, just call me “Lucifer”

Knight (Kashii Aki) writes the lyrics for [rêve parfait] and King (Kashii Reon) writes the music, but Rook (Tsukinohara Kuon) also writes some music.

There might be a chance to hear a song written by Rook in the game…?

A sample movie of the song is planned to be put up at some point.

Aug 24,2014
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The love the three bands play.

All three volumes will release on October 31st.

Comprised of the band’s music and a drama part that takes place after the game’s story line.

The drama part consists of the band’s activities during the live event sponsored by the “DYNAMIC CHORD” music agency and time spent with the man who’s now your boyfriend following the game story line.  Enjoy your private time with your boyfriend after the live in Tracks 4 - 6.

Prologue —> Live —> Private sweet time with each of the characters.

Summaries and samples of the drama parts under the cut!

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